Choosing Vertical or Horizontal Blinds for Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, vertical and horizontal blinds are not actually interchangeable. While similar, both have situations where one would work better than the other. If you aren’t sure what to choose, don’t worry. The window treatment experts at Beautiful Windows in Davie, Florida are here to help you choose.

Consider Your Window

The first step to deciding which orientation of your blinds is going to work best for you is to consider the window that you are hoping to dress. As a standard rule of thumb, horizontal blinds are going to work for essentially any window. Horizontal blinds are so popular in part due to their versatility. But there are a few styles of windows that would be better suited to vertical blinds. The large, wide windows that are so popular in architecture right now and sliding glass doors both work excellently with vertical blinds because of their ability to be pushed easily to the side.

Consider the Material

Because of the differences in their construction, horizontal blinds and vertical blinds are going to be made out of different types of materials. Horizontal blinds are typically made out of harder materials, such as woods, alternative woods, and aluminum. Because of this, horizontal blinds are going to be quite sturdy depending on the material you choose, and the colors and stains are going to vary between materials. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are typically going to be made out of softer materials, such as fabric or vinyl, and the colors they are offered in are going to tend to be softer as well.

Consider the Room They’re Going to Be In

The room your blinds are going to be in should have as much effect on your decision making as the window they’re going to be in. For example, are they going to be placed in a child’s room? Then you’re going to want something durable, like vinyl vertical blinds. These blinds are easy to clean, and have a wand as opposed to a cord, keeping your child (and your blinds) safe. Are you wanting blinds for your master bedroom? In that case, hardwood horizontal blinds stained in a dark finish are going to have fairly complete light control. Have we helped you with your choice? If we have, please don’t hesitate to stop by Beautiful Windows in Davie, Florida. We also proudly serve the greater Naples area, including Weston, Wellington, Parkland, Boca Raton, Aventura, and Lighthouse Point.