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For over 23 years, Beautiful Windows Blinds has been meeting the needs of the Fort Lauderdale area for window covering solutions. Our experienced staff is fully trained to properly measure and install virtually any window covering, including shades and blinds. We highly recommend our services to ensure the perfect fit for your windows. We use the latest professional techniques and equipment on every measuring and installation project and we are a certified Hunter Douglas blind, shade, and shutter repair center.


We are the leading innovators of window coverings & home interior design and our goal is to assist you in creating an inviting, comfortable environment for your home or office. Contact us at 954-499-1000 and see what we can do for you!

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Where’s the best place to buy window coverings? While there are undoubtedly various places you can safely patronize, that doesn’t mean you should patronize just any window covering shop you come across. At Beautiful Windows Blinds, we’ve come to appreciate the importance of shopping close to home. There are lots of reasons why it makes sense to buy your window blinds, shades, and shutters in Boca Raton, FL rather than from somewhere else. Here are the most important reasons for shopping close to home.


Buy Boca Raton Window Blinds, Shades, or Shutter Because it’s Convenient

Finding a window covering company close to home makes sense from a convenience perspective. Why travel elsewhere in the state or even out of state to get shutters, window blinds, or shades? In this day an age when people are increasingly mindful of their carbon footprint, it makes sense to shop at specialized window covering companies in the city. In fact, at Beautiful Windows Blinds, we highly recommend shopping close to home to save time and reduce your carbon footprint.

In the event that you desire to make return trips to take another look at window treatments or to ask some questions in person, you’ll be glad you chose a window covering company located close to home. It means it won’t take as much time to complete the multiple trips. Time is money, as the saying goes, so save time and money by shopping close to home.

When you come by our showroom, you’ll get to see our various window treatment options, talk to our skilled staff members, and get the expert recommendations you want. And to get here, you won’t have to worry about a long, drawn-own trip since we’re located where you live. You’ll benefit from patronizing a specialized window covering company that’s accessible. We are confident that our custom window solutions will meet your specific needs.


Buy Close to Home Because it Benefits Local Economy

Buying window coverings from a Boca Raton, FL shutters, window blinds, and shades company is also about benefiting the local economy. Known for its sandy beaches, lush golf courses, and scenic parks, Boca Raton is an eclectic community with plenty to offer to residents and visitors alike. Do you want to see a sea turtle sanctuary? Visit the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Are you interested in seeing works of art? Go to the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Do you like to let your hair down and dance up a storm? The Mizner Park Amphitheater hosts lots of concerts over the year. In other words, Boca Raton offers a lots.

At Beautiful Windows Blinds, we’ve been a part of this community for close to 30 years
We have deep roots in Boca Raton and have built a track record of providing homeowners with the window coverings they want with their homes. We believe it’s important to support our local community – and we know that communities become stronger when everyone supports their communities. That’s how strong communities are established. When you spend your dollars in Boca Raton, you’ll be doing your part to create a healthy and sustainable city.

When you call or stop by, we’ll give you the specialized attention you want so that you can make an informed decision on the window treatments you end up buying. It’s part of our commitment not only to you as a customer, but also to the people the community who are the reason for our success over the years and decades.


Buy Close to Home Because it Makes it Easier to Deal with Disputes

In the best-case scenario, you’ll buy the window coverings you need, get them installed, and enjoy them for years or even decades. But there are times when a repeat visit may be in order to fix an installation problem or you may have to get a window covering fixed under warranty. In those cases, it helps to be located in the same city as the window covering retailer. Closeness in proximity simply makes things easier, and problems can usually be resolved more quickly. If the company is located far away, it will take longer for you to get a repeat visit. By choosing Beautiful Windows Blinds, you’ll have the advantage of our local presence in Boca Raton, making it easier to deal with any disputes or issues that may arise. We highly recommend the convenience of having us nearby for prompt and efficient resolutions.

At Beautiful Windows Blinds, we like to get it right the first time around. But in the event that there is an issue that needs to be tended to, we’re located in this community and our staff members live in this community. So we’ll be able to help you in whatever way is needed sooner rather than later. Our team is committed to customer service, and our track record proves this. When you choose us for your custom window coverings, shades, and blinds, you can trust that we will be here to support you throughout the entire process.

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to buy shades, shutters, and window blinds in Boca Raton, FL. At Beautiful Windows Blinds, we have a wide selection of window treatments to meet your needs, and our staff members are ready to help you. Call today at (954) 499-1000 or stop by our showroom at 10220 W State Road 84 Ste 16 Davie, FL 33324. When you have a problem, we have the solution. Get in touch today!


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